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Northlake Mall Chiller Replacement

Northlake Mall Chiller Replacement

Market: Commercial
Location: Atlanta, GA


Northlake Mall needed to replace a chiller that had been inoperative for quite a few years.  They were satisfying their needs with the one remaining chiller that was working, but were very concerned about the lack of redundancy.  They chose Comfort Systems USA Southeast (CSUSASE) to replace the machine based on their track record of successful jobs by CSUSASE at their properties in the past.  The challenge was that the chiller plant is located directly below the main entrance and the project would need to be completed during normal business hours without closing the main entrance.


The CSUSASE team:

• Coordinated directly with the customer’s design engineer to ensure that all needs would be met my new machine
• Coordinated with the customer to design a safety plan to allow the main entrance to remain open while we opened the large hole in the entrance floor, removed the old chiller, and installed the new machine
• Performed all work while maintaining constant operation of existing chiller
• Seamlessly integrated new chiller into existing BAS system to ensure maximum energy efficiency and control

A Closer Look

Northlake Mall chose Comfort Systems USA Southeast based on their confidence in CSUSASE to perform the work as designed and on schedule.  The only way to remove the old inoperative machine was to cut it into smaller pieces and remove it through an access hatch in the main entrance floor that had not been opened in 30 years.  CSUSASE successfully removed the aging access panels and the old chiller.  The team also coordinated with the equipment manufacturer to dismantle and reassemble the new machine once it was in its final place.