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UPS World Headquarters

Market: Commercial
Location: Atlanta, GA


UPS World Headquarters was in need of assistance because of years of deferred mechanical and control system maintenance. The 670,000 square foot facility was constructed in 1995 and consists of three interconnected buildings, two that are 7 stories and one that is 4 stories. Because of deferred maintenance and an outdated HVAC control system, occupant comfort levels were low, energy consumption was high and building management was ready for a change. 

The project consisted of a multitude of challenges that were amplified because this particular client expected perfection with no delays, interruptions, or glitches throughout the year long control system retrofit project.With a focus of diametrically opposed goals of energy conservation and occupant comfort, Control Concepts was required to become innovative when developing new control sequence programming, integrating into lighting control systems, a central chiller plant with a high input/output count, gas meters, water meters, power meters, VFD’s, and even video cameras.


Because of the requirement for the control system to expand to seemingly infinite levels and integrate to practically any device, it was extremely important to develop a game plan to accommodate current and future needs of the client. This was achieved by first designing and installing a building automation system computer network infrastructure that included blade servers, routers, internet switches and fiber optic cabling. After completing the installation of the computer network, it was then necessary to install the backbone of the HVAC control system which included approximately 8 miles of BACnet cabling and thousands of feet of cat 6 cabling.

Installing the computer and BACnet network first allowed Control Concepts to more easily react to client scheduling requirements throughout the project. Since integration and flexibility is of paramount concern, the control system design was implemented utilizing Tridium AX and fully programmable Delta Control system products. This powerful combination allowed Control Concepts to develop software programming systems that alert users to mechanical equipment that has not only failed, but are in the process of failing. This proactive approach has paid dividends since the completion of the control system upgrade. On several occasions the control system has alerted technicians and mechanics of mechanical issues that were able to be repaired before catastrophic failures occurred.

A Closer Look

Overall the project was very successful. The client realized increased occupant comfort and a monthly energysavings of approximately 8%. This level of savings was achieved by repairing underperforming mechanical equipment, repairing control system end devices, and implementing new control strategies which included the utilization of current and forecasted weather data. Because the project was so positive, Control Concepts was successful in further developing a stronger business relationship with the client.

An annual service agreement was executed which resulted in the employment of one fulltime control system technician and two fulltime service mechanics. To date, Control Concepts and CSUSA Southeast continues to suggest and implement new control sequencing strategies, systems to improve energy savings, systems to increase occupant comfort levels and also future systems that could possibly include rain water reclamation and solar energy systems.