Studer Family Children’s Hospital

The Studer Family Children’s Hospital, located in Pensacola, FL, was completed in April 2019. The 126-bed facility has an additional 20 beds in the pediatric emergency department and covers over 150,000 square feet. CSUSASE was selected to install mechanical, medical gas and plumbing systems in the new facility. We led the BIM coordination on the entire project and in total, installed 250K linear feet of piping, 215K lbs. of sheetmetal and supplied medical gas to over 100 patient and NICU rooms. A new med air system and med air vacuum pump were installed along with new air handlers that structurally cover over 3K square feet of space inside the facility. Construction of the Studer Family Children’s Hospital was completed all while the adjoining hospital was operational. Mechanical, medical gas and plumbing value totaled $14M.

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