South Georgia Health System

CSUSA SE was selected as the Mechanical and Plumbing contractor for the new 5 story 130,000 sqft  Surgical Services Tower and the renovation of the existing 92,000 sqft Emergency Care Center, PACU, and infrastructure upgrades for the central energy plant for South Georgia Health in Brunswick GA.  The new tower work includes 16 ORs, additional post anesthesia and pre/post recovery bays, as well as 32 new patient rooms.  New equipment includes four Temtrol custom AHU (between 19,000 and 35,000 cfm each); (2) Temtrol DOAS Units 15,000 cfm each; (2) chilled water pumps; (2) heating hot water pumps; (100) terminal units; (75) precision air valves;  (2) steam/condensate stations; and a Powerex Medical Vacuum system.  There is approximately (72,000) linear feet of piping for both the mechanical and plumbing systems.  CSUSA SE provided their 3D modeling through BIM managed by Robins &Morton. The Emergency Care Center (ECC) was a challenging 5 phase renovation as the design was done as a single phase.  CSUSA SE spent significant time tracing the service piping to each area to make sure the current phase work could be completed without interruption to the other phases and without detrimental impact to future phased work. The ECC consisted of (3) new Temtrol custom air handling units, (2) chilled water pumps, (2) heating hot water pumps, (1) steam/condensate station, (60) terminal units.  There is approximately (34,000) linear feet of plumbing and hydronic piping in the ECC.  The PACU renovation took place once the Surgery tower was complete and occupied.  This space was split into two phases and provisions were made during the Surgery Tower construction to accommodate.  Due to the nature of the renovation, there was not time to do a full BIM in the spaces.  Each phase was scanned at demolition with coordination drawings then developed through import of the scan into REVIT. The Central Plant (CEP) work consisted of a 2400 gpm cooling tower, (2) 400 HP Steam Boilers, updating (9) existing pumps and changing out (4) pumps, and a new water softener system.  Much like the ECC, planned phasing was required to ensure the hospital demands were met during the equipment change outs.  A temporary boiler was utilized during the boiler change outs.

Industrial Food Processing Plant

In late 2019, CSUSA SE completed a plan & spec renovation project for a 250k sqft industrial food processing plant in Georgia. We were selected to install new mechanical and plumbing systems within the facility. Our portion of the $90M renovation started with a very complex underground sanitary and process waste system throughout the existing facility. The process waste portion was installed in all production areas as it was designed to handle FOG (fats, oils & grease). A change order early in the project allowed us to assist with the installation of an elaborate wastewater treatment plant to treat said production waste. Once underground activities were under way, we had separate crews installing overhead systems starting with a 150 degree high pressure wash down system supporting 80+ stations within the production area that were composed of wash down wands as well as pressurized foamers for sanitizing every 8 hours. A complex boot wash system, door foamers, domestic hot and cold piping, an all-aluminum compressed air system and stainless-steel nitrogen and Tri gas were also installed throughout the facility. Much of the mechanical and plumbing systems were prefabricated in our Pensacola, FL fabrication shop and a Trimble total station was used to accurately map out the extensive underground as well as overhead piping systems. Mechanical and plumbing value of this project was $7.9M.

Studer Family Children’s Hospital

The Studer Family Children’s Hospital, located in Pensacola, FL, was completed in April 2019. The 126-bed facility has an additional 20 beds in the pediatric emergency department and covers over 150,000 square feet. CSUSASE was selected to install mechanical, medical gas and plumbing systems in the new facility. We led the BIM coordination on the entire project and in total, installed 250K linear feet of piping, 215K lbs. of sheet metal and supplied medical gas to over 100 patient and NICU rooms. A new med air system and med air vacuum pump were installed along with new air handlers that structurally cover over 3K square feet of space inside the facility. Construction of the Studer Family Children’s Hospital was completed all while the adjoining hospital was operational. Mechanical, medical gas and plumbing value totaled $14M.

Colquitt Regional Medical Center

CSUSASE is currently supporting a mechanical and plumbing infrastructure renovation project at Colquitt Regional Medical Center, a 99-bed facility in Moultrie, GA. This phased project will be performed over a two-year period while the facility is operational and encompass roughly 30,000 square feet of space. Updates to the HVAC, piping, duct, medical gas and plumbing systems will be made and the project is slated to be completed in 2020. Mechanical and plumbing value total $2.5M.

University of Georgia Russell Hall Dormitory

In 2018, CSUSASE supported the University of Georgia in Athens, GA during the complete renovation of Russell Hall, a more then 200,000 square foot dormitory. The design assist project of the 1,000-room building lasted roughly 8 months. We performed the demolition of existing mechanical systems and installed new HVAC equipment, piping and duct including large custom outdoor air handling units along with steam to water converters. Fan coil units were fabricated in our Pensacola, FL shop and were shipped out ahead of installation, which saved a considerable amount of time and labor onsite. Mechanical value of this project totaled $6.5M.

University of West Florida Science Building

CSUSASE was selected to install mechanical and plumbing systems for a new Science Laboratory at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, FL. This project completed in June 2019 and included of installation of 2 AHUs, an air-cooled chiller, chilled and hot water piping for the mechanical systems and roughly 40 fume hoods. Plumbing installations included domestic and deionized water piping, domestic water booster pump, lab air and vacuum and specialty gases ran to 12 high-tech teaching laboratories which include acid waste neutralization equipment. Mechanical and plumbing value totaled $5M.

LG Electronics Assembly Plant

CSUSASE was selected for a design-build project for LG Electronics’ new 100,000 square foot assembly plant in Huntsville, AL. The new facility was constructed in an existing building on their 48-acre campus and took roughly seven months to complete. Total demolition of the building’s existing mechanical and plumbing systems was required before the facility could be updated. CSUSASE designed and installed the plumbing, HVAC and compressed air systems along with completed the installation of all new equipment, required by the project scope. Mechanical and plumbing value totaled $3M.

Navy Federal Credit Union

NFCU expanded operations in Pensacola, FL with a then 52-acre campus that include 640,000 sq. ft. of office space throughout four buildings – all LEED® certified. CSUSASE was selected as the mechanical contractor on a cost-plus fee basis, establishing a good practice where 100% of savings were returned to the owner. The mechanical system includes a 1600-ton central energy plant, two 600-ton and one 300-ton centrifugal chillers and associated cooling towers with pumping. The chilled water was distributed via pre-insulated underground piping connecting the plant to each of the four new buildings and one existing building. Building HVAC systems include energy recovery units distributing air via a pressurized floor plenum to open areas and via a traditional overhead variable air volume system for offices. Total mechanical contract value of $27.4M.

National Flight Academy

The new National Flight Academy (NFA) was designed and constructed to emulate the inside of an aircraft carrier. CSUSASE was selected for the installation of the mechanical systems including variable air volume, energy recovery ventilator, condensing hot water high efficiency boiler and a chilled water system served by an existing central energy plant. Mechanical scope of $2.3M.

Army Training Support Brigade Complex

The new Ft. Benning Army Training Support Brigade Complex was built to provide a state-of-the-art facility for troops. CSUSASE was selected for the installation of mechanical, controls and plumbing systems. We also provided design assist to the mechanical engineer or record, managed scheduling, coordination and assisted with executing equipment commissioning. This project was a U.S. Green Building Council LEED 2.2 Silver project. Mechanical and Plumbing value of $18.5M.

Forsyth County Administration Building Rooftop Unit Replacement

Replacement of three rooftop units for Forsyth County Administration Building. All work was performed after hours to ensure no lapse in tenant comfort.

Northlake Mall Chiller Replacement

Supported Northlake Mall on a chiller replacement project which lead to improved reliability and redundancy onsite. The replacement was performed while facility was open and operational.

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